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13 APRIL 2019

Sermon Title: "The Most Important Decision"
Speaker: Pastor Eli Rojas, Jr.
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 12:13

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6 APRIL 2019

The Spoken Message: Brad Durby
Message through Music:
        Allegro in G                                        Abbie de Fluiter
        Finlandia                                            Lilly Nunnaley
        Jupiter                                                Emily Cook
        The Bird                                             Cameron Zinke
        The Lion                                            Clarice Diaz
        On a Hymsong of Philip Bliss             Justin Bobo
        Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus           Joshua Norris


30 MARCH 2019

Sermon Title: "The Circle"
Speaker: Pastor Tony LaPorte
Scripture: Signs of Christ's Coming #746


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